Health App Innovations

Mobile apps are rapidly changing the face of the world we’re living in today. Healthcare applications in particular have witnessed tremendous innovation in the recent past. Both doctors and patients are actively using such apps for accessing more data and for gaining better insights into their/patients health than ever before. Here are the top five health app innovations that are revolutionizing the global healthcare industry.

Living assistance and treatment for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease
Some new-age mobile applications are providing effective means of data collection and treatment methods to people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, apart from suggesting different ways of its prevention. Many developers have come up with recall game applications for stimulating the brain activity of Alzheimer patients and for preventing or delaying the Dementia’s effects. Some innovative mobile phone apps are also actively using photo prompts and facial recognition for helping patients recall their loved ones.

Medicine reminders
It isn’t uncommon for patients to have so many doctor prescriptions that they can hardly remember each one of them. This can be deadly in certain cases. Nowadays, you can use mobile applications for keeping constant track of your medicine intake. You can even set reminders for your daily dosages. How about using a special tracking pill that notifies your caregivers in case you miss any medicine?! Some of these apps also keep a regular track of allergies, medical appointments, medications and deliver healthy living tips, just by the touch of a button on the smartphone.

Emergency room availabilities and reduction in wait times
Imagine you’ve suffered a bad burn on your hand or have badly twisted your ankle. You reach the hospital ER and are asked to wait for hours and hours, before getting any proper medical attention. Mobile app developers took note of this problem and have created an effective app for tackling this issue. These apps can provide you with your wait times at multiple facilities. What more, you can even check into a hospital even before setting foot into it. Furthermore, some of these apps also enable you to check into a hospital and wait for your turn at home, providing you with a fixed appointment time to arrive and be seen by a doctor.

Instant medical advice on the go
Many top-quality health applications available in almost all the app spheres are providing patients with instant medical advice, just by the touch of a button on their smart phones. For instance, pregnancy applications are guiding women throughout their pregnancy, right from the preconception stage till the postpartum stage. Diabetes applications are helping patients monitor and keep track of their blood sugar levels, apart from getting regular treatment reminders. The patient-doctor interaction has also become very easy and cost-effective with these applications.

Real-time transmission of medical data from patient to doctor
Mobile phone apps are now being connected to wearable devices which are transmitting real-time medical data from patients to doctors. For instance, a patient suffering from high blood pressure can wear a wrist monitor, which can transmit his blood pressure readings throughout the day, to his doctor via a smart phone app. That’s innovation for you!