Expected Mobile Phone Innovations

The smart phones that are going to be rolled out in the near future will feel and look considerably different than the phones we’re using today. Here are the top 5 mobile phone innovations you can expect to impact your life in the times to come:

Smart home screens
Cortana, Siri and Google Now are already personalizing our phones greatly. With the software technology developing by leaps and bounds in the near future, mobile phone manufacturers are going to move beyond the simple icons that constitute our home screens today. The home screens of future are most likely to be built using artificial intelligence, surfacing screens and apps inside them. Although this may not seem very different from the digital assistant applications we see today, you can expect far more advancement and inclusion in them. This idea can be extended to almost anything, including music, with your phones recommending new music that’s far more accurate than before. In one sentence, the home screens of future will look completely different from today.

Goodbye dead batteries
Battery life, which continues to be a major problem for all the smartphone owners today is expected to be a thing of the past in the coming years. We are going to get better batteries which will recharge quickly and last longer. Furthermore, they’ll be able to survive more recharging cycles before getting degraded.
Then wireless charging technology will also grow by leaps and bounds. We’d be able to put our phones down at every public place and recharge them on the go.

Collapsible smart phones
Flexible smart phone screens have been in the pipeline for a long time now. The curved edges of the Samsung’s latest offerings are the closest we’ve gotten to the bendable phones so far. However, in the coming years we’ll see phones that will be easily bendable and foldable. Not just that, you’ll be able to shrink them in all possible ways as you need too. Although it may be hard for the manufacturers to make this a reality in the immediate future, it’s bound to happen in the not-too-distant time. You’ll be able to morph between different screen sizes and form factors as you wish: standard phone size to a widescreen tablet, and then a small headset for making phone calls.

Advanced level sensors
You’ll be able to unlock the smart phones of the future with your Iris scan and fingerprints. Not just that, you may even be able to use your voice or typing pattern, or perhaps the way you walk to access the phone. Simply put, the next few years may make it impossible for anyone other than you to unlock and use your phone.

Virtual reality
The coming years will witness augmented and virtual reality becoming a regular feature of the smart phones. You may witness holographic capabilities and built-in projectors as well. Gear VR has already provided a glimpse of the possibilities that lie in this space. In the future we can expect applications that are extremely immersive, hardware that’s not clunky and real-life experiences in augmented and virtual reality, without the need of any bulky external hardware, outside of your smart phone.