Crafting a Brand or Platform for Your Fictional Book

You can find a great deal of information on crafting an effective brand or platform for nonfiction books, but it can be difficult to craft a brand for your fictional book short of writing tons of stories. However, the tactics for crafting a brand or platform for your fictional book requires some modification to be as effective as the tactics for nonfiction books.

Create a Course that Trains the Readers in a Subject from Your Novel


“Create an online course to promote your book”

One of the biggest things that you can do to create a platform for your novel is to create a course through a program like Siminars that promotes a subject in your novel. You can do a good comparison of the product by reading its review here – Siminars Review: Is This The Best Platform For ePublishing? Siminars allows users to put together courses on any subject that they choose. They are designed to be engaging and effective, promoting learning while at the same time giving the authors significant opportunities. It’s easy to figure out how to craft a course for your nonfiction book. Most writers just use the main subject of their nonfiction book, create a course and set themselves up with the platform.
Fiction books can use the same tactic. Break down your novel and look at the subjects that are discussed and the skills incorporated. In both (Lord of the rings novels) “Two Towers” and The Return of the King, Samwise Gamgee laments that he did not remember to bring ropes or how to weave them. It ends up forming the basis for some interesting developments in the story. You could then use Siminars to create a course that teaches rope weaving and rope usage.


“Develop high quality courses for a good reputation”

You must make sure that each course that you develop follows the same high quality as your eBook. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging your brand. Prioritize the skills that are discussed in your book based on their likelihood to draw in your book’s target audience. Thoroughly develop one course and promote it. You can then move on to others. Sprinkle references to your novel throughout. You can use specific examples so long as they correlate and you provide plenty of value. You may also want to use other literary examples as well as real life ones. Stories can be powerful tools for persuasion.

Write Articles that Relate to the Skills or Subject Matter in Your Book


“Promote your eBook through articles and blogs”

Just as you can craft a platform through a program like Siminars by providing courses to educate people on key skills you feature in your books, you can do the same with articles. Target online magazines as well as print magazines, and craft articles that relate to the content of your fictional book. You don’t have to go in-depth in here. Try to target magazines that your core audience reads. For instance, if your target audience is made up of 19 – 25 year olds, you might write an article relating to funding college experiences if you can find a way to connect it with your book. In the article, you can then use an example from your book. Be careful when doing this so that it does not look obviously promotional.
You can also go beyond the skills that you discuss in your book and write articles that focus on the issues presented. For instance, if your novel contains an analysis of race relations in Thailand during the 1960s, you might consider writing an article that discusses methods for improving race relations in lesser publicized conflicts. You should be delicate in mentioning fictional examples though in a sensitive matter like this. Instead, you can reference your research or the true accounts that you uncovered as you researched your novel.


“Write articles about topics in your novel”

By using magazines and other publications to write articles that include references to your book, you help to expand your potential fan base. You’ll want to make sure you include information about your book as well as your website in the bio. Use an appropriate writing style for each publication, but also try to find ways to mimic the style of your fiction writing if you can. The consistency will help to increase the strength of your brand with your fans and make it easier for them to recognize your work.

Participate in Writing Groups and Connect with Other Writers


“Get to know other writers and be a part of their community”

Good writers are good readers. Many professional writers and bestselling novelists including Stephen King and Anne Rice have said as much. You will find no better opportunity to develop your platform than in a writing group with other writers. Obviously, not every writing group is as good as the other. You must research the different options to find one that works for you and for your genre.
When looking for a good writing group, look for one with writers who have similar focuses as your own or are a group that has individuals who are at least familiar with yours. You might not find that joining the Romance Writers Association of American is not beneficial if you write young adult science fiction. General interest writing groups such as and Critique Circle have genre specific categories so that writers can tap into their particular niches.


“It is good to know other writers like you”

When participating in these writing groups, you must make sure that you give more than you take. Often times, this means that you should participate in the writing competitions, story critiques, and assisting other writers. You never know what connections you might make. Read the instructions and requirements on all of the writing sites before you start posting. Even though you may have a few eBooks published and some courses uploaded on Siminars, you are still a newcomer to the site. Most of the time, the accepted wisdom is that you should provide critiques to other writers before asking them to critique your work. You should also make sure that you avoid getting into flame wars or insinuating that you’re better than other authors who have not yet been published.

Maintain a Regularly Updated Blog


“Maintain a blog for your book and update it regularly”

Many times, authors assume that if they maintain a blog, the blog must be directly related to the subject of the novel or to writing in general. It does not. In fact, you’re likely to get more readers if your blog provides more interesting facts and articles than one that only talks about the writing technique.
For many authors, it’s natural to want to write about the writing process. After all, you focus on that. It’s your craft. You probably have a lot to say. However, if the target audience for your book isn’t a writing based audience, your blog won’t help you to create that platform. You should brainstorm articles and topics that your target audience will want to read.

As a fiction writer though, you have an added advantage. Many writers post samples and teasers on their website. Once you have that platform established and a fan base, they will get excited to hear about what you’re working on. You can also use it as a way to draw in additional readers because it offers them a low key way to evaluate your work. Occasionally sharing articles about the writing process or inspiration that you draw your stories from can also be appropriate.

3 Apps to Help You Be More Efficient

Time is gold. Make the most out of the time you have. It’s easy to say, but hard to do. You can only make it possible if you operate at 100% capacity at all times. Fortunately, there are applications that can help you manage your life and become more efficient. These 3 apps target areas of your life that’s consuming a lot of your precious time.

  1. Evernote helps you organize, store, and remember pretty much everything.

Admit it. It’s hard to organize everything. You tend to forget a couple of them. Through Evernote, you can organize everything you need to do so you’ll never miss one of them. You can accomplish all the tasks that you have scheduled for the day. You’ll be more productive and make the most out of your time. Everything that’s stored in Evernote can also be synced to all your devices.

The app is available on Android and Apple. What’s more is that you can get it for free. No need to spend a thing to enjoy using Evernote.

  1. Pageonce Bills allows you to organize your bills and manage them easily.

Get Your Work Done More Efficiently With These Amazing Free Android Apps

Get Your Work Done More Efficiently With These Amazing Free Android Apps

There’s no doubt that organizing bills is hard. Managing them is another problem. If you’re too busy, you’ll easily forget about your bills. Result? You end up with service interruptions and a lot of inconvenience. Through the app, you can see all of your bill statements. You can also receive reminders of bills that you need to settle. Moreover, payments that you’ve made can be tracked using the app.

Like Evernote, you can have the app without spending a penny. It’s available on both Apple and Android.

  1. Shoeboxed helps you keep and organize receipts.

Keeping and organizing receipts is very important especially if you are in charge of the household’s budget. The app lets you take photos of receipts, making it easy to track them. You’ll know how much you’ve already spent. The app copies the date, the total amount, mode of payment, store where you bought it, and the category. In case you need to make expense reports, you can easily do so. You can export reports to QuickBooks and other accounting software. The app is also free and available on Apple and Android.

Must have Apps for your phone to help you lose weight

Must have Apps for your phone to help you lose weight

There are many other apps out there that can help you manage your life. It isn’t easy to accomplish tasks when you have so many things in mind. Through these apps, you will be more organized. You’ll know what your priorities are and you can focus on them. Despite the importance of these apps, you don’t need to pay anything to have them. All you got to do is to check the list of apps available and find the ones that suit your needs. In no time you’ll see the big difference that it can bring to your life. 

Tips To Get Her Open Up Sexually In Bed

Relationships usually start out fun and sexually charged. However, over time, the same old moves, which were once new and romantic, will become boring and routine. Many men begin to wonder if the change is because the “new” factor is gone. Sadly, this has caused the breakup of many great couples.

Is She Sexually Repressed?

If you are reading this, congratulations. This means that although the initial spark has burned out, you are still trying to rekindle the flames, and not opting to dump your partner. The truth is that sexual repression is common in females. Many women have one main goal, to please their partner. However, since they are so intent on making it all about you, they forget that sex is a two-way thing. Thus, in time, she begins to stick to routines based on your past feedback.

Another possible reason is self-confidence. Due to social media, there is a pressure to be thin, beautiful and fit. Let’s face facts, shall we? The average woman does not have a personal trainer and dietician to whip her into shape. She holds down a job, does household chores and yes, at times; she binges when she is depressed. Thus, she might not feel so confident about her figure. Therefore, confidence and self-esteem are key factors to get her to open up sexually.

Real aphrodisiacs are the subtle physical and emotional factors that will revive sexual desire when it’s low

Real aphrodisiacs are the subtle physical and emotional factors that will revive sexual desire when it’s low

3 Tips to Get Her to Open Up Sexually In Bed

Rekindle that old flame and make it burn brighter. Here are ways to get your special someone to be more sexually charged up.

1) Make Her Feel Good About Herself

Feeling secure is sexy. Most women will open up more when they feel confident about their bodies. Therefore, it is your job to help her achieve her goals. Join a couple’s spinning class to help her boost her metabolism. Yoga helps create a strengthened and slender physique, and it is also useful in bed. Go jogging with her early in the morning.

Physical activity boosts endorphin release, which is a feel-good hormone. It is known to make the human brain less prone to depression and boosts good vibes. On a sexual note, people who work out are known to have higher libido levels, so get the feel-good hormones flowing!

2) Compliment Her on the Figure

Sometimes all you need to do is be verbally expressive. Women like compliments. However, we also hate it when it is not sincere. Therefore, tell her the things you love about her, preferably during foreplay. It’s just more sensual that way. Compliments make the deed so much better.

For sex to be magic, both partners should play as equal a part as possible

For sex to be magic, both partners should play as equal a part as possible

3) Be Romantic

Every woman wants to be wined and dined before we hit the sack However, we understand that most men have to balance finances to pay for rent, food and whatnot. Even so, it would be great if you took her to a romantic dinner once in a while. While you are out dining, make it a point to shower her with attention and you can even take this time to talk about new moves to try. Trust me, a formal date will make her more receptive to your advances.

Sexual repression is caused by a lot of factors. While women are prone to it, there are ways to break down her barriers. These three tips address the key reasons to sexual repression in women. Hopefully, it will help you unleash her inner vixen.

5 Delicious Super Veggies for a Healthier Body

Everyone knows how important it is to eat vegetables. Veggies keep you healthy and lower your risks of acquiring a lot of illnesses. All vegetables are good choices. It’s about time that people make the necessary diet changes and stay away from processed foods. Worried about the taste? You don’t have to. Here are 5 super veggies that are not just nutritious, but also delicious.

  1. Broccoli

This super veggie gives you a lot of vitamin C. It also has less fat. The broccoli isn’t just healthy, but it can also help you reduce weight. It’s perfect for people who’re trying to lose weight. It’s best to steam broccoli and add it to pasta. It’s also a great side dish. You can enjoy it in salads, stir fries, and soups. If you find it hard to digest the stalk, you may discard them.

  1. Aragula

Surprised? The vegetable is commonly found in salads as well as smoked salmon. It has a lot of nutrients and very low levels of oxalate. You don’t want too much oxalate in your body because this compound prevents the absorption of nutrients. Aragula gives you a lot of energy. It’s best to cook the veggie lightly with little oil.

Every nutrition expert has his or her own list of superfoods

Every nutrition expert has his or her own list of superfoods

  1. Orange Sweet Potatoes

It’s a super veggie because it has vitamin A and C, vitamin B6, potassium, fiber, iron, manganese, and copper. These nutrients boost your health. They also have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce severity of rheumatoid arthritis and asthma.

  1. Eggplant

Eggplant has chlorogenic acid, which is the most potent scavenger of free radicals. Its juice is also known to reduce blood cholesterol levels and improve blood flow.

Vegetarian Recipe: Smoky Eggplant with Garlic and Red Chiles

Vegetarian Recipe: Smoky Eggplant with Garlic and Red Chiles

  1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are delicious and can be added to different dishes. You can also create your own mushroom dish. It’s not strictly a veggie although it’s still worthy to be called a super veggie. It gives the body B vitamins, biotin, copper, and selenium. Mushroom is known to protect people from prostate and breast cancer. If you want to prepare a meal with mushrooms, go for mushroom soup. You may also add it to a risotto.

Don’t like veggies that much? Need motivation? Remember that health is wealth. You only got one body. Take good care of it and give it the nutrients that it needs. Veggies may seem unappetizing to you, but they’re actually sumptuous. It just depends on how your prepare it. Also, try to look for the freshest vegetables on the shelf. Fresh veggies don’t just taste better, but they also have more nutrients than older ones. It’s high time you modify your diet a bit. Add these super veggies to it and know how to prepare delicious meals that are good for your health and you overall well-being.    

10 Easy and Very Effective Ways to Increase Your Credit Score

The credit score is very important, and for us to increase our credit scores, there are at least 10 easy steps.

  1. Delete errors within 48 hours. This step is actually the easiest and the fastest way among other steps. But you can only correct the mistakes you’ve done through a bank or a mortgage company. However, if you happened to apply for a house loan and then you found errors on the credit report, you must request a loan officer, so that he can conduct a Rapid Rescore.

  1. Get rid of negative credits. There are lots of people who aim to have a clean credit profile or wish to have a new profile, so that they can start a new and forget the past. Well, planning to clean your credit profiles is also good, but don’t give away your trusts to a service provider with unknown reputation. As much as possible, trust only the trusted banks or companies.

  1. Piggyback trusted person’s credit. Have you heard this or not yet? For an example, during the application you can see a section wherein you need to write or add a card holder. If the trusting person adds you, then their own payment history will be reported on the credit report of yours too. If you happened to have an excellent credit, then most probably you can have a great account too.

  1. Playing a round Robin. This is the oldest style of building techniques. This is also a great way of accomplishing secured accounts. There are many people who are actually using this. They took ,000 and they get a secured card for credit. Now, once they finally received, they now get a cash advance of about 70% of their credit limit. Then, open a checking account with that final cash advance, but use that account for making payments alone on those three new credit cards that you have.

    Eight surprising ways to raise your credit score

    Eight surprising ways to raise your credit score

  1. Paying on time. This one is really obvious.

  1. Pay your debts. The next obvious thing.

  1. Do not close accounts. As long as that account has good credit records, no need for you to close it.

  1. Do not create new credit. If you want to have the best credit score, don’t make credits that you can’t afford to pay or not really necessary. You can apply credit for housing, transportation, continued education, or college degree which is equivalent of 3-5 credit cards. That’s all what you need!

    How To Improve Your Credit Score - Ways To Increase Your Credit Score & Aspect Of Improving Your Credit Score

    How To Improve Your Credit Score – Ways To Increase Your Credit Score & Aspect Of Improving Your Credit Score

  1. Maintain different credit types. If you happened to know how to handle various credit types, then expect that you will be rewarded with high credit score. Get MasterCard, Visa, Sears, Costco. By mixing these up and shows that you can perfectly manage, then you are worry free.

  1. Do not file a foreclosure of bankruptcy. If you do that, this will stay on your credit report, not only for a year or two, but for 10 years. This will really decrease your credit score.

3 Ways to Ace Your Job Interview

Finding work is not getting any easier. There are only a few jobs available, yet there are so many job seekers around. Not everyone is given the chance to be interviewed. So when you get past the initial screening and receive an interview invitation, make sure that you ace it. How do you ace any job interview? Here are 3 ways to do it.

  1. Don’t be late

It’s the number one rule you have to remember when going to a job interview. There’s no way that you can be late. You don’t want to miss this opportunity and see someone else get the job. Some candidates have very impressive resumes but fail to show up during the scheduled time. What does this tell the recruiter? It tells the recruiter that you’re not serious about getting the job and you’re not reliable. You can only be late if there’s a very important reason. In most instances, the interviewer will no longer give you the chance and will go to the next candidate.

Money Quick Tips: How to ace the job interview

Money Quick Tips: How to ace the job interview

  1. Put on the right attire

There’s no standard attire when going to an interview. It depends on the position you’re applying for. For instance, if you are being considered for a position in a bank, you have to look formal and professional. You can wear something casual if you are going to have an interview in a record shop. So before you go to the interview, do your research. Know what you can wear and what you should not. It’s also best that you dress slightly above everyone else. Putting on the right attire makes a good first impression.

  1. Prepare questions for the interviewer

It’s a mistake for some candidates not to ask questions after the interview. It appears like the person is not interested with the job after all and won’t mind losing the opportunity. Remember that the entire interview isn’t just about you. At the end, the interviewer will ask you if you have questions. This is the time when you can show off. Ask appropriate questions about the job, the company, and so on. If you can pull this part off, your interviewer will surely see you as someone who is very enthusiastic about the position. Who knows, your interviewer might just become your future boss.

Appro­pri­ate Attire for a Job Interview

Appro­pri­ate Attire for a Job Interview

There’s no guarantee that you will get the job no matter how hard you prepare for an interview. You’ll have a lot of competition. Then again, if you keep these tips in mind, your chances will be increased significantly. Also, even if you don’t get the job, you will learn from every interview. Use the experiences you had with unsuccessful interviews for you to ace the next one. Don’t give up easily. Getting a job isn’t easy. But with hard work and persistence, you’ll find one soon.